Suede and leather garments have all the beauty of a naturally occuring material. They conform to body shape and usage, develop a patina with age. and provide great protection from the wind and cold.

  • Examine each garment panel to find one where the leather is fairly consistent in flexibility and color.
  • Don't go for a tight fit. Hides have been stretched during the tanning process and therefore may shrink a little during cleaning.
  • Check and save the care label. Most will say they can be cleaned by a specialist and at Fresh Touch we handle that for you. Many newer coats can be cleaned by us directly.
  • Avoid leather coats with down, avoid fabric coats with leather trim that require leather cleaning specialists. Beware of dark leather trim on light colored garments and multi colored leathers and suedes. They may not clean satisfactorily.
Check yo see how the seams are held together. Careful atiching is good. A lot of glued seams suggest future problems during cleaning.

  • Expect the unique characteristics of suede and leather to increase with wear and cleaning. The varying texture of the panels may become more noticeable, shading changes may become apparent, scar tissue and vein marks may become more obvious. Minor shrinkage may occur.
  • As you use your garment remember that stains are not easily removed from leather and suede. Beer, blood, and ink are common substances that provide uncommon difficulty for the cleaner.
  • Rain on suedes can create stains. If a leather garment becomes wet, then let it dry slowly at room temperature. Heat will cause shrinkage and stiffness.
  • Wear a scarf to prevent body oils and acids from soiling the collar area.
  • Don't try to spot clean suede or leather.
  • Don't press stained or soiled clothes.

(Excepts from International Fabricare Institute Bulletin)

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