• Read the fabric contents and care labels. We offer washing and handwashing in addition to dry cleaning, but you should make an informed purchase decision.
  • Inspect seam construction, particularly on sheer or metal thread fabrics.
  • Avoid buying window display items or garments that might have light fading from in store displays. Bright colored silks are particularly vulnerable.
  • Be aware that loose weave fabrics tend to snag and stretch.
  • Buy "Sanded Silk" garments understanding that the fuzzy thread ends can be rubbed off during wear or cleaning. This results in an unacceptable appearance due to color change because of the changed light reflective characteristics.
  • Beware of stressed garments. Chemicals and/or abrasive materials may have been used to create the look and can weaken the fabric.
Avoid care labels that say “Spot Clean Only”,”Dry Clean Exclusive of Ornamentation”,”Do Not Soak” and “Always wash separately”.
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